Lazy Outfitters New at Palmetto Twist Greer…Lazy Outfitters – lazy lounge! Not just a brand, but a way of life.

buy modafinil from usa Have you ever been somewhere and just wanted to enjoy that moment? Maybe it’s at the beach, hiking, your childs soccer game, tailgating or at a music festival. Who actually enjoys lugging around lawn chairs? Lazy Outfitters has created the most compact, light weight and comfortable lounger on the market, providing you with top-notch features so you can enjoy living the lazy life in seconds.

– Cup holder, zipper pocket and pouch sewn to the side.
– Weather resistant carrying bag with 1.5 ” strap
— ID placement / Key holder
– Rust resistant stake
– Elastic Loop for umbrella/stake
– Large easy to use closing clasp
– 2 year manufacturers warranty

and with every retail purchase you help provide homeless
Americans a place to lay their head.

What is the Bedless Mission?
The Bedless Mission was started to meet the needs of thousands of homeless Americans . We can not imagine anyone sleeping on the streets regardless the reasons, so we have partnered with our retailers providing Lazy Loungers to homeless shelters across the USA. Lazy Loungers are perfect for shelters because the compact size, light weight and easy to use. If you would like to join our efforts in helping provide lazy loungers for the homeless, you can sponsor a lazy lounger at a discounted price that will be donated to a shelter near you. To thank you, we will send you a Bedless Mission tee-shirt. For more details about this contact us at 864.655.7732.

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