Embroidered Monogramming

http://crug-glas.co.uk/gallery/cg_0118_8bit/ We have hundreds of fonts and thread colors to choose from. Purchase an item from our store or bring something to us.


buy modafinil brisbane Appliqués are pieces of fabric sewn onto an item to form pictures or text. We stock a large variety of fabrics and have an extensive library of designs to choose from.

Heat Press

buy cephalon modafinil Heat press is the process in which we cut vinyl sheets using our vinyl cutter and heat press the design/monogram onto a garment. We have several colors in glitter vinyl and non-glitter vinyl to choose from.

Vinyl Decals

We can make vinyl decals that can be applied to glass, plastic items or even walls. Sizes range from 1″ to 28″ wide and up to 48″ tall. There are several colors to choose from.


If you have a logo or design you want stitched onto a shirt or hat we can have it digitized for a one-time fee. Depending on the size of the logo will determine the cost. Most digitized designs take 24 to 48 hours to get back.

Logo Design

We have an in-house graphic designer who can assist with simple logo designs to be embroidered or heat pressed. This includes company logos or designing fan apparel for your favorite team.

Group or Team Orders

We offer discounts for group or team orders. Flip through one of dozens of our catalogs and select the perfect t-shirt, hat, jacket, bag etc. and we can personalize to your liking.