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Are you a company that is looking for embroidery services? Well, there are so many embroidery businesses out there but the real problem here is getting the right embroidery company to give you the perfect embroidery services. You do not have to keep on searching on the web for that perfect embroidery company. Your search ends here at Palmetto Twist Greer as we offer the best embroidery services that will leave you mesmerized. Why not try our services today?
Why you need to try our service.
Being a locally owned embroidery company, we cherish our customers. Basically, we know that giving out promotional gifts such as shirts without a well embroidered company logo can do more harm than good. We are conscious of quality and we offer hundreds of thread colors and fonts to choose from according to your company preference.
You can come to our store or even order online stating the color, font and size your want as a company. When you make an order as a company, we offer discounts on group orders on embroidery services. So, if you need that company logo embroidered on your company shirts or t- shirts for promotion purposes, then visit our website at and contact us though email. . You can actual come with your own company shirts or t- shirts or even buy from our store as we have all the colors, designs, and sizes that you may need.

Our services we offer the following services:
• Embroidered monogram. We offer monogram embroidery services to companies. If you need these services, we assure you a wide range of fonts and thread colors.
• Logo or company name design. Our designer has the necessary expertise to design that perfect logo or company name to be embroidered on the company shirts or tee shirts. The logo can also be heat press if need be.
• Appliqués. If you need some pictures to be embedded on your company shirts together with the company logo we have an extensive library of designs and a variety of fabrics to choose from.
• Digitizing. Do you need the company logo stitched onto the company shirt? Well, Palmetto Twist can digitize it for a one-time fee. However, the cost will depend on the size of the logo and this takes 24-48 hours.
• Team or group orders. We normally give amazing discounts if you buy in bulk as a company. All you need to do is flip into one of our hundreds of catalogs and select t-shirts that suits your company taste and leave us to personalize it for you.
One outstanding benefit of trying our embroidery services is fast turnaround time. Many embroidery service will take 3-5 business days. Our machines operate from Monday- Friday as from 9 a.m. to 5.p.m EST. However, for any item needed the next business day, we normally charge an extra $5 fee per item and this applies only to those items in our store.
So folks, for all your embroidery services, the best company in this business is Palmetto Twist Greer.

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